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Koike Green, Clivia miniata Divisions

Koike Green, Clivia miniata Divisions

$ 50.00

These Clivias are divisions or offshoots from mother plants which are from a cross of Koike 3503 x Koike 3508 made by a well-known California Clivia hybridizer using plants imported from Toshio Koike in Japan.   As is typical with Clivia crosses, the mothers have minor differences in size and color.  All plants available present a unique opportunity to obtain wonderful, green flowering, Clivia miniata with a well-known Japanese genetic heritage. 

The photos show the mother plants.  Since the plants for sale are offshoots, they with normal growth will match the mother. 

The mothers do require a dormancy period to initiate blooming.  Their offshoots are expected to also require a dormancy period. 

Plant No. 2308  (shown in photo) has divisions which are two to four leaves in size.  These will require 3 to 4 years of normal growth to reach blooming size.  Also available are 5 to 8 leaf divisions.  This under normal growing conditions will require an addition 2 to 3 years of growth to reach blooming size.  

Plant No. 2298 has divisions available in the 2 to 4 leaf and 5 to 8 leaf sized.  The lower price is due to no picture being available.  

These plants will be shipped bare root.  Free shipping is included via FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail to continental United States addresses only.  Sorry we do not ship outside of the continental United States.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information on shipping and other matters.  

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